Lady Ga Ga is a force on her own when it comes to fashion and using fashion as promotional product. Forget about function and eye protection, it's all about fashion and product placement for Ga Ga sending sales sky high by wearing brands in her video clips and in public, given her influential status and fame. Carrera's Champion sales have soared since she wore them in her video, "Bad Romance". These classic plastic framed, aviator style sunglasses are unisex and go great with any outfit. If you're into stylish sunglasses that won't break cost the earth, then Carrera's are a fantastic choice. Oakley Sunglasses Sale Lady GaGa wearing Carrera Champion Sunglasses To keep your style and image looking slick make sure Oakley Sunglasses Outletyou take good care of your expensive sunglasses when you're not wearing them by keeping them safe from scratches by storing them in hard or soft sunglass cases. Unfortunately scratches and nicks are part of wear and tear so when you get scratched or damaged lenses don't throw away your expensive sunnies, get new sunglass lenses replaced instead. Scratchedsunglasses repair is now an option with the growth of the internet many small, yet reputable, companies offer this cost effective service. They can be easily found by searching online, because most of the large sunglass outlets don't repair scratched sunglasses or sell replacement lenses because of the big profits in selling new sunglasses. Sunglass replacement lenses are a great way to keep your expensive sunglasses looking brand new saving you money to spend on other fashion items. Top quality replacement lenses can be found online for as little as $28.95 and can be bought for a big range of top selling sunglass brands such as Dior, Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, Arnettes, Oakley's, Carrera, and many more. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

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