Leaders in the fashion industry such as Dior, Cheap Oakley SunglassesDolce and Gabbana and Prada have been extending their creative edge to sunglasses for some time, setting the standard and solidifying their brands style as artistic sunglasses, but color is the latest creative edge for the summer 2011 season. Even the sports and high street brands such as Arnette and Oakley are mixing the world of high function with style, creating eye catching sunglasses this season. Arnette's new model ‘Blowout' comes in a range of fun colors and in polarized and regular high performing lenses. Arnette Blowout Designer brands such as Dior are matching sizzling hot summer dresses and outfits with funky colored sunglasses creating one hot outfit ready to sizzle up any party. These Cloudy Cyclamen Multi-layer Pink Paname Dior Sunglasses are set for some serious summer fun with hot pink lenses to match the red hot pink frame. Oakley Sunglasses Outlet Cyclamen Dior Paname Style isn't just for women in 2011, with plenty of funky choices for men to add style to their wardrobe and Arnette have launched the chunky framed Arnette Heavy Hitter in Ice Blue for some ultra cool summer styling. With plenty of color and styling options, the Heavy Hitter will work with any fashion conscious mans image and wardrobe. Launched in summer this transparency style can been seen with other big sunglass brands, set to be a key new look for the 2011 summer season. Cheap Oakley Sunglasses

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